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All About Me

My Fencing story

As a 20 year old in early 2003 I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. All I knew was, working at the wood mill wasn't for me. It was around this time a good friend of mine from church offered me a Job working for him at Fence specialist. It wasn't love at first dig, but I loved the hard physical work and enjoyed being at a different job site every day. I was blessed to be made a foreman at 22 years old. From there I worked for 2 other fence companies. Quality Fence builders and Economy fence Center. It was at Economy Fence Center that I injured my back while carrying a heavy roll of wire on a muddy slope. This injury hampered me to the point where I had no choice but to leave the business. From there I got hired on at the Boeing Company, and was there for 8 and a half years. Through  this time I had my back worked on and through physical therapy and strength and conditioning I was back to 100%. During those 8 and a half years I was still building fences for friends and family and other contacts...and I missed it. I missed it so much that when The Boeing Company offered me a voluntary layoff in September of 2020, I took it. I cashed out my retirement fund and started Landmark Creations LLC. Through Gods blessings and hard work we have  built relationships in the Community and proudly serve the great northwest.

White Fence
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